IRS is "close to" auditing churches again…

The IRS hasn’t officially audited churches since 2009… and given this week’s news from the IRS, I think that this would be an interesting time for them to announce they would resume auditing churches.  It seems that they have much bigger things to defend right now.  Here’s a short part of a piece from the Christian Post on the topic written by Eric Stanley:

For some time now, the IRS has not been auditing churches. As I explained in more detail in this post, the IRS’ decision to “suspend” church audits stems from a 2009 federal court decision finding the IRS’ regulations on church audits to be unlawful. Since that decision, the IRS, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, has not been auditing any churches. It has said since 2009 that it is preparing new regulations that will enable it to begin auditing churches again, but we have not seen those regulations finalized.

However, at a recent tax conference, Treasury Attorney-Advisor Ruth Madrigal said that the IRS’ long-awaited rules on church audits are “close” to being finalized. So what does this mean for churches?

What this means is that once the IRS’ regulations on auditing churches are finalized, then it is logical to assume that the IRS will begin auditing churches again. Whether this means that the IRS will audit churches that participated in Pulpit Freedom Sunday remains to be seen. We will have to closely watch the IRS’ actions once the church audit rules are finalized.

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