I'm a new contributor at ChristianMedia Magazine…

My friend Greg Atkinson is the new Editor of Christian Media Magazine. They’ve just finished a complete rebranding of the site that you should check out.

In fact, I’ll excited to announce that I’ll be writing and sharing at Christian Media Magazine in the future.  So hopefully we can connect there as well.  In fact, you can check out all of my articles here!

So check out CMM on Twitter, on Facebook, on Google+ and be sure to visit ournew website and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. It’s a great resource for your ministry! Christian Media Magazine is a ministry help and resource to pastors, church leaders, volunteers, worship leaders, executive pastors, tech directors, youth pastors, kids pastors – you name it. They have great posts to keep you informed and educated on all media, including social media, entertainment, worship, production, leadership and mobile.

Check out the new website here…

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  • Leonard February 17, 2014 Reply

    Congrats Todd!

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