If You Don’t Do It Now, You’ll Have Even More Work Later

Are you procrastinating on simple tasks?

Here’s a simple tip from Craig Jarrow:  You say you don’t have enough time to get everything done. Yet, when you put things off, you are actually creating more work for yourself.

Do that task now, or it will take you even longer later.

Putting Off Work… Creates More Work

Have you ever had a simple task that should have only taken a few minutes to complete, but because you put if off, it took much longer?

For example:

That quick cleanup job (that has now built up to a pile…)

Reconciling your finances (and now you have to review months of bills…)

The expense report you put off for weeks (and now you have to search for receipts…)

Even those dishes you left in the sink (no explanation needed…)

Each of these tasks should have taken a few moments, but left to sit… now takes many times as long.

“Undone tasks create even more work for you later.” (Tweet this Quote)

When you put things off, you are self-inflicting more work and life friction.

via If You Don’t Do It Now, You’ll Have Even More Work Later | Time Management Ninja.

QUESTION:  How does this work in ministry?

What are you putting off that will be a bigger job when you actually HAVE to do something about it?

Shouldn’t you start with that task today?


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