Hubris and cockiness in young church leaders

Dr. Ed Welch suggests that a young leader should walk alongside a leader who’s been doing this ministry gig for a while.  When they see their friend struggle with the difficulties of ministry, it will change the way the look at their work and ministry:

Were you ever once a young, cocky leader?

Were you ever once a young, cocky leader?Click To Tweet

How long did it take to cure you?  And what broke you of your cockiness?


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  • Michael January 19, 2016 Reply

    Well, I still consider myself young and at once probably a little cocky. I think it is correct that watching someone else experience difficulties in ministry as well as seeing them share the load of your mess ups which may have happened due to cockiness, is a humbling experience. I was fortunate to get to walk alongside a leader for the last 7 years to help me learn some of these lessons. It can be a very fine line between cockiness and passionate/assertive, but I think we have some biblical models of people who walked this line as well. Even someone like Paul flirted with this area too. When you read his letters it seems there is a little arrogance to them, but his confidence came from Christ and the experiences he had through Him.

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