How to make decisions: fast, and 'roughly right'.

Here’s a quote for you from Rita Gunther McGrath:

“Fast and roughly right decision-making will replace deliberations that are precise but slow.”

As church leaders, I think we many times wait to make decisions.

I’ve seen pastors and boards take months to make a decision that I would have made in five minutes.

Or at least a week.


I don’t consider myself a rash kind of guy… but you can only collect information for a period of time.

Then it’s time to make the dang decision.

What more information do you need to make your decision?

Will you have any better information in six months to make a decision about starting that new service?

You know you want to make a change on your team, but you mill it over for weeks, months, a year and a half?


Because everybody wants to make the best decisions.

And we always feel that we’ll have better information soon that will help make that decision clear.

In reality, we know that most times that is just not true.

So… in matters (other than theology)… my approach would usually go along with what this quote is saying.  Go for fast and roughly right.

In almost every situation, you can change your decision if you find you’re wrong.  And people will forgive you.

What they won’t forgive is a leader that can’t make a decision to save his own life.

Don’t be that guy.




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