How to know you're a theological geek

I can see pastors all across America, sitting in their basements in their underwear, sorting and trading these:

I can hear it now…

I’ll trade you a John Calvin for a Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Are you crazy?  No way.  But I’ll trade you a Driscoll, Chandler, Noble, and Furtick for a Tim Keller.

OK… sounds like a fair trade.

Let the games begin.

BTW… you can order them from… They release TOMORROW!  Here’s all the geeky details:

Patterned after the all-American baseball card, Theologian Trading Cards provide essential information about the major teachers, leaders, and trouble-makers throughout the history of the Church. At a glance you will have access to information regarding 288 important figures in church history, including when and where they lived, their contribution to the church, and enduring significance. Each figure has been placed on the roster of one of 15 ‘theological’ or ‘historical’ teams; this aids readers in discovering the practical, chronological, and theological connections between figures. Examples include the Orthodoxy Dodgers (heretics); St. James Padres (Church Fathers of the Patristic Era); and the Wittenberg Whistle-blowers (Early Reformers and later Lutheran Church). Theologian Trading Cards are perfect for students taking a church history course who want a memorable study aid to help them retain important information about select individuals in the church, as well as non-students who just want to learn or want to begin a hobby of card collecting.


  • Lori November 26, 2012 Reply

    Oh I so have to get these for my husband for Christmas. We are both apologists and love to engage the “geeky” side. I think he will find this hilarious.

  • Hope N. Griffin November 28, 2012 Reply

    I just told my husband I want these in my Christmas stocking. His response… My cool points just fell LOL

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