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How to hire pastors who perform like NFL stars…

Tony Parrish, All-Pro nine year NFL Veteran, talks about what makes former NFL players attractive as employees and how churches can learn to find pastors who will perform at a high level like and NFL player.

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5 Responses to “ “How to hire pastors who perform like NFL stars…”

  1. Barry Nall says:

    I find this kind of mentality about staffing to be foreign, even (dare I say) carnal. What ever happened to prayer, to consideration of one’s track record in MINISTRY. Maybe God might want to have some input on your next staff hire, or even who is to be the next primary leader. I wish I could have played pro ball at the ridiculous salaries that come with it, and then be marketable to a church staff position for (let’s face the truth) more for the name recognition it might bring. The qualities an athlete carries are good, but so is faithfulness and training to the CALLING. Just lacks the cool factor. Our sense of values in ministry is becoming more worldly, and amazing leaders are leaving the ministry every day.

  2. James says:

    Hi Barry;
    Im with you! I also cringe that the word “perform”. I’m a performer, music, but also a human being. When I “perform” it’s usually for an assigned task, gig, wedding etc. and I get paid very well for it. Then I go home, take off the performing hat and become a humna being again.
    But perform as a minister of the gospel? Somehow that word really hits me in the pit of my stomach.
    And by the way who says that guy who plays NFL has the character, maturity and heart to be a pastor? I heard Oprah years ago talk about celebrities representing products, ideas etc. with no inward maturity or charcter to know what they were talking about. But just because they were a celebrity they had an open stage to cast their stupidity, ignorance, immature views etc. as if it were the gospel, rock hard proven truth. That’s her words, not mine, but I agree.
    Performance also speaks of acceptance or rejection. As believers we are accepted by God’s Love and grace through Jesus Christ, not on our “performance”.
    If performance is the criteria for ministry then the rules have changed. I thought it was about availability not Ability.
    Thanks Barry for your post

  3. A. Amos Love says:

    Was wondering…

    In the Bible? Were any of His Disciples?

    Hired? – Or Fired? – As a Pastor?

  4. Fred says:

    I guess you give the pastor steroids and then he can win the world for Christ. Or just win bucket loads of money. That’s the definition of success today.

  5. djchuang says:

    And, there are ex- NFL football players who have become pastors by launching new churches: Miles McPherson , Derwin Gray , Ken Hutcherson to name a few

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