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How teenagers communicate

Fascinating infographic on how our younger generation communicates.  Take note people… this is the church or tomorrow.  Change or die.




7 Responses to “ “How teenagers communicate”

  1. Mike Shelley says:

    I find this very interesting. I question the finding on email. There are a number of colleges that no longer issue email addresses. AWeber is an email marketing firm so it’s no wonder they rank email high.

  2. Chap says:

    yes, no way email makes the top 10 list…not even close. my teens almost exclusively text friends.

  3. Faith Rankin says:

    I, too, was surprised at the percentage of email use. I don’t know any teenagers in our church (or my own for that matter) that checks their email except on rare occasions. In fact, we have teens on our Facility staff that do room set-ups and the only way to get a confirmation of them receiving their schedule is by text or Facebook.

  4. tunz4jesus says:

    Twitter? It kind of feels like this information might be a couple years old.

  5. RBelter says:

    These findings can’t truly be seen as representative. Look at the sample: less than 1,000 college students and high school seniors. The college students would skew the heck out of the email #. There are quite a few studies done by PEW that are truly representative that show email isn’t a blip on the radar of teenage communication. Tumblr would no doubt make the list among young teens. And Facebook continues to hemorrhage teenage users. From what I know of monitoring trends closely, mobile phone (both text and phone calls), Instagram, and Tumblr are where it’s at. Facebook = old news with younger teens, especially

  6. N8 says:

    The reason email is still being used for teens is so they can sign into things online including their Facebook… Other than that email is nearly obsolete! Texting and Facebook!

  7. Gene Feasel says:

    The reason they are so close is because the email they use (if they use one at all) is linked to their FB account.

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