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How rich are you?

I came across this interesting site.

If you put in your annual salary, it will show you how you rate compared to everyone else in the world.

It’s pretty interesting… and makes you do a little soul searching.

Turns out that if you make around $50,000 a year (or a little less) you are still in the worlds top 1% of earners.

That’s pretty amazing… and something we don’t consider much here in the States.

The site was created by a London interactive media company to ‘challenge people’s perception of their personal wealth”.  They are also hoping to encourage people to be generous with their wealth through online giving to causes.

How did you fare?  Does this type of thing change your perspective as you go through your day at all?



2 Responses to “ “How rich are you?”

  1. I have been living in a very rural area for the past 8 years, and I’ve been unemployed, and then under-employed, for the past 2. I am just getting back to earning a “living wage” at what I was made to do (church music ministry).

    I learned how to live on very little, since for those 2 years I was ineligible for ANY government handouts, including unemployment.

    Just the other day, I was at a very upscale mall near me in my new town. Coming from the past two years experience, it is hard for me to NOT be judgmental and legalistic about this: The way we are living in America, the way we consume… it is often (if not most of the time) downright sinful…

    We are SO rich… So… what am I gonna do about that? I’m still working that out.

  2. We learn from the Bible of the richest man who ever lived- King Solomon. Wanna know how he got there, and how you can get there? Check out Dag Heward-Mills’ “Solomonic Success”. Be blessed! :)

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