How Passionate Are You? Really?

According to Dan Rockwell a.k.a. “The Leadership Freak”, passion fuels boldness.  Leaders with passion, Dan says, act boldly, serve freely, and commit willingly. But many people I’ve met in ministry lack true passion. Sure… they were passionate when they started in ministry; but now find themselves in a situation that sucks. Dan describes the passionless as… 1.  Distant Leaders 2. Those who work with no real purpose. 3.  They labor but don’t rest. 4.  They gain achievement but don’t feel the reward. 5.  Often times, they turn into really negative teammates. He shares seven principles of passion that can (hopefully) help you re-ignite your passion if you find yourself lacking.  Here are the first three:
  1. Share purpose. People who share purpose fuel each other’s passion.
    • Do something that matters. It’s hard to get excited about something that doesn’t matter.
    • No purpose, no passion.
    • What are you doing, really? Making widgets? Selling products? Is that all?
  2. Chase a dream. Describe the world where your purpose is fulfilled. How is the world better because you succeed?
  3. Fight an enemy. Passion gets hotter when an enemies come knocking. What happens if you fail?
You can read the other four here. [Tweet: “Passionate leaders attract talent; passionless leaders repel it.”] So… how’s your passion level? Todd HT:  Leadership Freak