How Much Transparency is TOO MUCH Transparency?

A recent story over at the Christian Post tells about Pastor Allan Edwards, a Presbyterian church pastor from Pennsylvania who recently told his congregation that he deals with homosexual attraction. Here’s how the confession came about, according to Edwards:
“The first question a congregant asked in my interview in front of the whole church was, ‘What is your biggest struggle in life?’ and I shared this part of my story with the church… I preach on issues of sexuality when they come up in the Scripture text that day, but it’s not a hobby horse of mine. I think we all have part of our desires that we choose not to act on, right? So for me, it’s not just that the religion was important to me, but communion with a God who loves me, who accepts me right where I am.”
We hear a lot about ‘transparency’ in the pulpit these days; and with most, I think it’s a good thing over-all. But is it possible to have TOO much transparency, especially in the pulpit? In some ways, I tip my hat to Pastor Edwards.  That must’ve been hard to do. But I also wonder if revelations such as this also may hurt a pastor.  In this case, they will definitely bring an additional level of scrutiny by some, don’t you think? Question:  Would you ever tell your whole church your biggest darkest secret struggle?  What are the benefits?  What are the disadvantages? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below… HT:  The Christian Post