Hillsong LA is freaking people out

What if other churches lose members when Hillsong opens their new church in Southern California?

An article, based on a comment from a ‘visitor’ (not sure where she was a visitor to or from), says that the opening of the new Hillsong will likely be devastating.

“There are plenty of churches in the Orange and Los Angeles Counties that will be swallowed whole when Hillsong LA arrives…There are jobs that will be lost and pastors who will see their congregations dwindle. There are also plenty of larger churches as well [whose] pastors have spoken at your conferences, supported your endeavors and welcomed your church’s presence as a visit from overseas, all who will now see you as an unwanted threat.”

That’s actually pretty lame, I think. That sounds to me like pastors trying to protect their turf.

(I’ve heard the talk from pastors.  We can’t compete.  They have all the money.  They have all the resources.  They have all the talented musicians…  Baloney.  You have the same gospel they have. Stop crying and start believing it).

[harsh tone over]

But she asks a better question:

Like the venture in NYC, how is this not just capitalizing on the popularity of Hillsong in the United States?

OK… that one, I get. Kinda of.

Of course, Hillsong is capitalizing on their popularity.  Otherwise, they would not be planting in LA.

But is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Question totally out of left field for you as you think about this:

What if Billy Graham had decided NOT to work alongside local churches, but rather decided to start a church in every city he conducted a crusade in?  What would the church landscape look like in the US today?

Yet, no one EVER accused Billy Graham of capitalizing on his success in New York when he did a crusade in Los Angeles.

And before you say that Hillsong is all money motivated… you have to remember that there was (and still is) a TON of money going through the coffers of the BGEA.

It seems to me that when someone starts to make accusations that a church will swallow other churches whole that someone is either:

1.  Overstating what will actually happen; or

2.  Scared for their turf

Please tell me I’m all wet. (which I probably am)



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