Heaven Won’t Look Like Your Sunday Morning

Carlos wrote this statement as the title of a blog post. That got me thinking…

How many of the people at your church just think heaven WILL look like your Sunday morning?

How many of the people at your church just think heaven WILL look like your Sunday morning?Click To Tweet

I know, I know… we can’t even imagine what heaven will be like. But don’t most of us, at least on the surface, think it will be just like what we want it to be?

People who love traditional worship dream of a great organ (maybe with golden pipes or something). They think heaven will be a Lawrence Welk type worship extravaganza.

What if heaven will be a Lawrence Welk type worship extravaganza?Click To Tweet

People who love contemporary worship dream of the ultimate worship band and experience.  Like maybe all the Rolling Stones will get saved on their deathbed and be the headliners or something.

Preachers dream that heaven will be filled with great sermons (mostly made by themselves) and that people will actually stay awake and listen.

Kids think that heaven will somehow be made of candy, puppy dogs, and ice cream.

If heartfelt worship and a real encounter with Jesus is what people are thinking heaven will be like, that’s awesome.

If music and goodies are what people are envisioning when they think of heaven, then we’re not doing a very good job of explaining things while we’re here on earth.

So… when you think of heaven, what do YOU think of first?


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