Uh… yeah, that pretty much sums up my feelings of a certain segment of Christianity.

Although they wouldn’t like being called ‘haters’.

They would prefer apologists or discerners.  Constantly contending for the faith.

I have a whole category of rss feeds labeled for these folks.  I checked it every day to see who/what’s got them peeved.  Usually it’s Rick Warren or Rob Bell.  Sometimes Mark Driscoll.  But more recently they’ve set their scopes on one that they have long admired:  John Piper.

My thought many times is:  what a miserable way to look at life… always looking for the bad.  Always trying to expose the heretic.  Always disgruntled and annoyed.  Always picking apart.

Some may say, I do that here.  I hope not.  I have not been kind in my assessment of Ted Haggard here as one example.  But I hope that any assessment or discussion started here has a little more to it than whether or not someone believes in new earth creationism.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who is reading this.  We tackle some pretty heady and controversial topics here (like the transgender christianity post from yesterday).  And you all do a masterful job (most all of the time) discussing very difficult topics with grace and without hate.

Thanks for not being ‘haters’.




  • Peter March 10, 2011 Reply

    I hate this.


  • Matt G March 10, 2011 Reply

    Something tells me Steven is going to be embarrassed by this in 20 years. It drips of both arrogance and insecurity. A powerful and influential megachurch pastor and now bestselling author devotes his church’s tech team and his own rapping skillz to mock the “toddlers” who have the gall to question the public methods and public statements of a public figure.

  • Tye Male March 10, 2011 Reply

    I like it that he is calling out people who spend their time being a self-appointed “watchman on the wall.” They are divisive and often very pushy. However, I have mixes emotions after seeing this video. While I agree with Steven, something about this is unsettling.

    The sad reality is that the people he has in mind will have just one more thing to hate now.

    • Todd Rhoades March 10, 2011 Reply

      True, Tye. One of the reasons I posted this is BECAUSE he responded. Most have, probably correctly, remained quiet about the critics. It only fuels that fire.

      Was it a wise video to make? Did it have an edge? Is it kind of a hate video toward haters? Yeah… but I agree with what he’s saying.

      Hate me if you like. 🙂

      • Tye Male March 10, 2011 Reply

        @Todd – I’m glad you posted it here so we can discuss it, no problem there. I think the fact that he produced this video will just give more fuel to people who by their very nature will probably never change.

        Wise to make video? I don’t know what he is dealing with in his context. It wouldn’t fly here!

        Edge – slightly, but it takes a lot to offend me.

        Hate video – nope. As I said, he is calling them out. And it helps others to hear it.

        As I said, I have mixed emotions on this one.

  • J. March 10, 2011 Reply

    It is interesting how much people like to dislike him without knowing much about him… I remember the post where he was just playing guitar with the praise team after a practice-just kind of goofing off musically with them. Several people just tried to hammer him as if it was bad to play guitar or be accessible to other church members or whatever. They were projecting on him like crazy (calling him a rockstar, etc…)-but they didn’t seem self-aware enough to realize that THEY were the one’s projecting onto him as if he actually possessed the character attributes they were describing…

    It reminded me of the kids in middle school that see a new kid that walks confidently only to say, “well, he thinks he’s cool…” when in reality THEY think he’s cool-he probably doesn’t think anything about it.

    One of the people in the post went so far as to say something to the effect of ‘they wouldn’t be filming it if it was of someone talented playing keys…’ which was amazingly funny because Perry Noble was playing keys in the same video. I guess the idea that sometimes we only see what we want to see rang true in that scenerio.

  • Steve Miller March 11, 2011 Reply

    It is amazing how much of the Bible is arguments and disagreements. Truth tends to require that. The trick is disagreeing and loving at the same time. This week I was marveling at how much of the Prince of Peace’s recorded words are argumentative. Jesus cut people to the quick, and many took offense, but there was always love. The critics who are trying to lower others so they themselves appear taller are a dime a dozen; it is the brother or sister who shows you in love the uncompromising truth and a helping hand when you fail which is a rare things these days.

  • Scott Phillips March 21, 2011 Reply

    I couldn’t stomach more than 15 seconds of that. It was terrible, and I don’t even mean the content.

    I could totally slay that dude in a poetry slam!

  • Gary H March 24, 2011 Reply

    Steve, I have been amazed about the same thing! Jesus was constantly battling in spiritual warfare – but that isn’t understood in our culture so it is overlooked. He always offered the solution – Himself!

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