What happens when a pastor commits adultery

Joe McKeever shares ten things that happen when a pastor commits adultery…

1.  His ministry is gone.

2. His humiliation is severe.

3. Those who believed in him and supported him feel betrayed.

4.  People whom he was trying to reach for Christ now have a convenient excuse to fall away.

5.  His family is wounded, perhaps irreparably.

6.  Atheists and others hostile to the Christian faith have a field day.

7. His future ministry – once re-established – is more limited.

8. Other pastors are tainted by being in the same profession as he is.

9. The pastor’s victim has been wounded and her family has paid a price.

10. The guilt from this will hound him the rest of his life.

So true.

Maybe some of you who have experienced this would like to comment on how going through something like this has affected you, your family, and your ministry.  Please feel free to leave an anonymous comment below.

(Oh… here’s two semi-good things that can happen as well):

1.  The pastor is going to find out who his friends are.

2.  The church is going to find out what it really believes. And so, incidentally, is the pastor who has fallen.

Read all of Joe’s thoughts here.  They are worth your time today.



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