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Hands in the cookie jar: Pastor charged with stealing $253,000

It was a pretty simply ploy according to prosecutors.  Set up a separate account called with “Ministry” in the name of it; forge your treasurer’s signature, and you’re off to the races. Not sure how he got the money into the account without being caught… … for TEN YEARS. // Read the story here… Lessons: 1.  If you’re a pastor… DON’T TOUCH THE MONEY 2.  If you’re a pastor… DON’T TOUCH THE MONEY… EVER. 3.  If you’re in a position of authority, make sure you don’t let the pastor touch the money… ever. 4.  Set up safeguards when counting and accounting for the money… every cent of it. QUESTION:  is there ever, EVER a way that this kind of thing could go on in a church for ten years and not be discovered by anyone? I think not… if the proper accountability methods would have been in place. What think you?