H. B. London: 10 things I didn't learn in seminary

H. B. Lonndon writes:  As I reflect on a recent trip to Dallas Theological Seminary, I could not help but think about all of the things that my seminary training did not prepare me for. For instance: 1. They did not teach me how to love. That came through experience. 2. I did not really understand how complicated the lives of people really were. Some of them were too broken to mend. 3. I was surprised at how judgmental and cruel Christian people could be. Graduate school did not warn me, or at least if they did I didn’t listen. 4. I probably needed more specific training in problem solving, and crisis management. 5. In my day there was not much attention being given to financial management. Even though my first assignment was small, I was still a 23 year old CEO. Scary. // Read 5 more here:  10 Things Seminary Never Taught Me What would you add to the list? If you went to seminary… what is the one thing that you wish they would have taught you? Please leave your short comment below… Todd