“God’s Not White” – New series at Alabama Church

WVTM TV reports that Cultivate Church in Alabaster, AL are hoping to help heal racial divide in their church and community with a new series entitled “God’s Not White”. From the report: Cultivate Church pastors said healing the racial divide is part of the church’s responsibility. Beginning Sept. 6, the church will be starting a sermon series titled “God’s Not White.” Brandon Doss, a lead team pastor at Cultivate Church, wants to help change the perception of God while bringing different races together. “You go back to 53 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. said that Sunday was the most segregated day of the week, and still 8 out of 10 churches have just one predominant racial group,” Lead Pastor Brandon Matthews said. “The Bible says we were all created in his image, and clearly we all look on the outside very different. So that when we talk about the image of God, that can’t be it,” Doss said. “Really tackle the issue of diversity and loving Jesus and stop segregating ourselves on Sunday. If we want to see a change in culture, I really do believe if we can change that in the local church, then we’ll see a positive change in the culture around us,” Doss said. What do you think of the title?  Will this help people come together or possibly produce more division? Todd