Getting productive your first day in the office in 2013…

Need a boost to get you going today?  Fast Company has compiled a list of great articles that will give you some practical advice on being productive this year.  A new year brings a ton of new opportunity… but if you’re like me, the excitement of the new year can wear off quickly (probably by noon) when you get back into the swing of all that needs to be done.

Take a look and see which of these resources might help you today:

11 Productivity Hacks From Super-Productive People
Need something to light a fire under you in the New Year? Here’s your match.

How To Outsource Your Most Dreaded Tasks
If a task has you wringing your hands, there is a solution–don’t do it. Here’s how to move the things you hate off your plate in the name of productivity.

How To Set Goals That Will Keep You Fulfilled And Focused
Goals aren’t just a to-do list. When you set them properly, goals can motivate you to be more productive and give you a greater sense of purpose.

For Successful People, Planning The Weekend Is Just As Important As Planning The Week
You deserve a great weekend. Here’s how to plan ahead so you can relax and revitalize yourself for Monday.

Your Weekend Has 60 Hours–Here’s How To Wring The Most Out Of Them
Do your weekends fly by too fast? Craft weekends that are memorable, relaxing, and productive with these 10 tips from productivity expert Laura Vanderkam.

The Most Productive Way To Meet Your Company’s Goals This Year: Choose Just One Word
There’s a better way than numbers and goals to refocus your company and motivate your employees. All it takes is one word.

Increase Your Productivity With 2 Questions
Half the battle is knowing what to do and what not to do. Lisa Bodell, CEO of FutureThink, shares the two questions she asks herself to distinguish a good idea from a bad one.

GTD! Q&A With “Getting Things Done” Author David Allen
Personal productivity guru and popular author David Allen, the guy behind Getting Things Done, talks with Fast Company readers about how to get more done with less stress.

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