How NOT to get too full of yourself as a pastor

Oh, pastor… what a great sermon. The church grows year after year. Watch out. Ever met a haughty pastor? Or an entitled one? We all have. But how do you make sure you don’t become entitled or haughty? Carlos Whitaker has five suggestions: 1. Don’t have a reserved parking space until you are old enough that you can’t walk. 2. Stay out of your little green room/private dressing room as much as possible. 3. Have coffee/breakfast/lunch once a week with a pastor of a church WAY smaller than yours. 4. If you receive double honor, make sure you give out quadruple honor. 5. Treat applause like a shot of whiskey. After you take a shot… don’t tweet, text anyone, or believe you are as attractive as the shot makes you feel. In other words… don’t let it go to your head. Andy Stanley talked brilliantly about this at Catalyst this year. Think about it.  What perks do you have because of your position? What would you do if that perk was taken away or changed significantly? How do you keep things in balance so you don’t get too full of yourself? Read more here… Todd