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The games we play: Only 14% always tell the truth

In a laboratory experiment to test people’s willingness to lie to a partner in a game, 14% of peoplealways chose to be truthful, even if lying would have benefited them, and 14% chose to lie whenever they stood to gain, according to a team led by Uri Gneezy of the University of California, San Diego. The rest reacted in variable ways to incentives, sometimes lying and sometimes not, except for one participant who always lied, regardless of circumstances.

From the Harvard Business Review

OK… ministry is not a game.

But I’ve met a few ministry leaders that ‘play’ with the truth.

Why is it so hard to be truthful in ministry things?

Are you ever tempted to ‘white lie’ in ministry?

Who isn’t?

The important thing is… how do you respond?

QUESTIONS:  Do you always give honest answers?  Do you withhold partial information when giving your answers? Do you skew your answer to a question to make you look favorable? Do you ever throw someone else under the bus when the blame is partially yours?

Great questions to ask.

And if you’re honest… we all face these types of dilemmas every day in ministry.

The important thing is how we answer the questions.

What do YOU think?


2 Responses to “ “The games we play: Only 14% always tell the truth”

  1. Sometimes I don’t feel equipped to “tell the truth”, because I can’t do it lovingly… so I’ll sit on it… Like lying? Yes.

  2. Perhaps sometimes it’s the desired end result that we need to think about. Will telling the bald truth get us there, or is there another pathway that’s more effective and ethically-acceptable, based on the truth you know?

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