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Fremont, CA shares building during split

50 progressives attend the 11:30 service in the chapel.

300 traditionalists attend the service in the Community Life Center.

Neither group agree with each other in what used to be a combined Fremont Presbyterian Church.

The split happened over the PCUSA’s decision to allow gay clergy.

In October 2011, 427 church members voted to leave the congregation. 164 voted to stay. ¬†(You’ll note that the current numbers are reported to be around 350).

When the denomination investigated to see who would or should get the $9 million property, they came up with a compromise: a shared campus.

The progressive’s have renamed themselves “University Presbyterian Church”.

Both churches share a choir and go on missions trips together.


Read more about this here.

What do you think?  Great solution or horrible one?


2 Responses to “ “Fremont, CA shares building during split”

  1. Only time will tell. Thanks PCUSA for disregarding God’s commands and creating unnecessary division…as if it wasn’t already hard enough to keep churches together.

    • By disregarding God’s commands you mean allowing Churches to choose their own pastor? This is what I am confused most about the ECOP movement. Why bring Tea Party politics into the building at all?

      “John 13:34 A new commandment I give unto you, That you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.”

      I guess it’s harder than it looks. I keep trying to find an asterisk and the part that omits gays, women, immigrants, other faiths, liberals and Angela Davis, but surprise! Jesus omits none of these.

      In fact, the bible had a great description for the people who prooftexted in biblical times: pharisees-a political movement masquerading as a religious movement. Rules lawyers everyone, and Jesus’ implacable foes during his ministry. Enjoy being on the wrong side of both the gospel and history.

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