Freakish: Westboro Baptist gets hacked with freakish video

Well… you can’t really say that they didn’t have it coming. Westboro Baptist Church announced over the weekend that they would be picketing the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, CT:

Well, a group called “anonymous” over the weekend hacked Westboro’s site; posting personal home addresses and phone numbers for Westboro members.  Also posting this video: http://vimeo.com/55671721# The video warns “We will destroy you.  We are coming.” Maybe it’s the computer voice.  Maybe it’s the words, but it’s chilling.  And disturbing. Just like the Westboro folks. It IS amazing to me, how small groups or individuals (like Westboro or the Shady Hook shooter) can get notoriety so easily.  I think this is part of why they do what they do. Regardless, in this case, on both sides, it’s really disturbing.