Four Emails Church Leaders Should ALWAYS Send

Email is a burden.

And many times I feel like a slave to my inbox.

I’ve probably spent a few years of my life checking my email (and probably a year checking my email when there was nothing new there).

It’s really easy to get overloaded.

And many times it’s hard to initiate sending an email you know you should send, only because you already have so much to respond TO.

Michael Fertik, the CEO at contends that there are four emails that you should always send.

I agree, particularly as church leaders.  Here they are:

1.  When you see someone mentioned positively in the news.

Fertik says, “Don’t assume that others are doing it. Much like thank you notes, congratulatory messages are written much less often than they should be. Getting one, therefore, is a warm-and-fuzzy feeling waiting to happen for the recipient – and it sets you, the sender, apart as someone who’s thoughtful.”

2. When your friend is on the ropes.

Fertik: “Fair-weather friends abandon what they perceive as a sinking ship with astonishing speed. That’s why it’s so important to reach out. Even a simple check-in (“How are you doing today?” “Want to meet for coffee/grab a drink?” “Anything I can do?”) can make a huge difference.”

3. AFTER your friend was on the ropes.

After a death, after a job change, etc. That’s sometimes the loneliest of times… and you’re email, even if short and sweet, can be a real encouragement just when needed.

4.  When you simply need to maintain your connection.

Here’s Fertik’s advice: “There are always good reasons to reach out – and of these, the best may very well be simply investing in maintaining relationships with your most meaningful connections. Do it intelligently. Don’t waste time – add value. Pass along an insightful article related to your friend’s industry, company, competitors or outside passions. See something that reminds you of a shared experience? Drop a warm note that lets this person know you were thinking of him or her and why. Don’t ever overload your connection with what’s going on in your life. The best conversationalists – whether virtual or in person – are genuinely more interested in hearing about others, and much less preoccupied with pumping up themselves.”

You can read more here.

So… who should YOU send an email to right now?


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  • Chad Bresson February 9, 2016 Reply

    Contrary to a lot of pop social media opinion, email is not dead. It is a fantastic communication tool for pastors and churches. Great post.

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