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Four drummers I’d like to see in church

OK… I don’t know that I’d really like to see these guys in church; but they would liven up some things, I guess. Check these guys out. The first is my all-time favorite. I’ve thrown in a classic Bill Cosby bit at the end as a bonus…

3 Responses to “ “Four drummers I’d like to see in church”

  1. ianmcn says:

    Anyone remember the old 70′s worship song “Give Thanks”?

    That Oktoberfest band are just playing a Beer Festival version of that aren’t they?? I’d love to hear it done like that in church, get some undignified dancing going!

  2. Chris Elrod says:

    Cosby has…and always will be…a comical genius! Anyone that can crack Jack Benny up is a master of his craft.

  3. Matt says:

    I thought I was all by myself thining it sounded like the Oktoberfest rendition of “Give Thanks!” That was EPIC!!


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