Flashback 1985: AIDS patients should be tattooed?

From the New York Times in 1985… just 30 years ago: A majority of Americans favor the quarantine of AIDS patients, and some would embrace measures as drastic as using tattoos to mark those with the deadly disorder, according to a poll published today. The Los Angeles Times Poll found that 51 percent of the respondents supported a quarantine of acquired immune deficiency syndrome patients, 48 percent would approve of identity cards for those who have taken tests indicating the presence of AIDS antibodies and 15 percent supported tattooing those with AIDS. Seventy-seven percent of those responding said they would support a law making it a crime for homosexuals or others in groups at high risk for AIDS to donate blood, while 51 percent said they would support a law making it a crime for an AIDS patient to have sex with another person. Although 51 percent of those polled said they favored laws to protect homosexuals against employment discrimination, AIDS notwithstanding, 45 percent said they would support testing job applicants for AIDS antibodies. SOURCE Interesting. Here’s another article from 1993 entitled: HOMOSEXUALITY AND THE CHURCH Gay acceptance, ordination, split nation’s faithful Thoughts? Todd