Fix your marriage in seven minutes…

Well, that’s the title of Steven Arterburn’s newest book:  “The Seven Minute Marriage Solution.

I like Arterburn.  He usually writes solid stuff.

But what’ interesting to me is that, along with the book (remember, the title is the SEVEN MINUTE marriage solution), they are also putting out a 30 day challenge.

So… evidently, it will take me MORE than seven minutes to find the solution to my marriage?

I did the math… and if the seven minute solution is prolonged over 30 days… it would only take me about 15 seconds a day!

That’s spectacular!

Actually, here’s a more serious look at the book (which might be a good resource for your church’s marriage ministry):

In “The 7-Minute Marriage Solution,” Arterburn emphasizes ending the bad behaviors, beginning the healthy ones, and most of all, experiencing the best 7-minutes of your marriage together daily using his proven methods. In the book, Arterburn reveals that part of the formula for a better marriage is to incorporate reading the Bible and praying together.

You can check more out here…



  • j May 16, 2013 Reply

    If it’s a 7 minute challenge and that was stretched out over 30 days then that would be like 14 or so seconds per day… Wild stuff… 😉

  • Chuck Davis May 16, 2013 Reply

    We’ve been married for 31 years and started, after being challenged at a two week conference at church, to pray and have devotions together daily a couple of years ago. It has had a tremendous positive impact on our marriage.

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