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Five Things You Should Read This Week…

Each week, my friend Matt Steen and I compile the top 50 stories that we think you should be reading in a publication we call Ministry Briefing. Here’s a sampling of FIVE stories from this week’s edition:

Stable Income Is Key to Stable Families

Researchers argue that while some have tried to link shifting family dynamics with a loss in financial stability and job opportunities, they cite a number of studies that demonstrate that job stability is often connected with stable families. One study found that military families, both black and white, tend to be stable with low divorce rates most likely because the variable of income and job searching has been resolved for soldiers. Source: The New Republic

Same Sex Marriage Divides PC(USA) for Upcoming Vote

The Presbyterian Church (USA) is currently debating whether to approve same sex marriage as a denomination. While some groups insist that marriage is only between a man and woman according to scripture, others insist that Jesus didn’t put barriers between anyone and God. Source:  WBIR

SBC Expects 10% of Churches in Mobile, AL to Close

Local leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention believe that a significant number of congregations in the Mobile, AL region will most likely close unless the leaders of these churches make dramatic changes. Among these troubled congregations, membership has been declining, facilities have been in poor condition, and lead- ers have refused to change the way they operate. Source:

Perry Noble Acknowledges Ten Commandments Were “Commands”

Perry Noble, pastor of the 30,000+ member NewSpring Church in South Carolina, preached on Christmas Eve that the 10 Commandments were actually “sayings” or “promises.” After a backlash on social media and criticism from the president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, Noble issued a statement that he had been mis- taken. Source:  Greenville Online

Church in Iran Grows Despite Pressure

Disillusionment with the revolution of 1979 in Iran has left many Iranians open to Christianity. Despite all mis- sionaries being expelled and key leaders being martyred, the church in Iran continues to grow rapidly. Some estimate the church at 100,000 believers, but it could be as large as one million according to estimates. Source:  Church Central

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