Five Secrets Pastors Refuse to Tell

Thom Rainer suggests that there are five secrets he fears pastors will not share.

Have you ever secretly thought any of these things?

  1. “My marriage is struggling.” 
  2. “I fear my kids will grow up hating the church.” 
  3. “I let a handful of critics control me.” 
  4. “I often have anger toward the supportive church members who don’t defend me to my critics.”
  5. “I’ve thought about quitting several times.”


If your secret needs action… today is a great day to take it.

If your marriage is suffering, it won’t get any better if you keep doing the same things.  In fact, it will get worse.

If you fear your kids will grow up hating church because of your position, talk with someone about it.  Come up with a plan to make sure that doesn’t happen.

If you have trouble with your critics… or with anger… or have thoughts of quitting… find a friend.  Open up.  Be transparent in a safe way.  You really can’t carry these burdens alone.

In fact, if you need a sounding board on these 5 (or any other things), please feel free to contact me at  I promise confidentiality and and ear with outside perspective.


via Five Secrets Pastors Refuse to Tell.


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