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Filling in the Gaps and Covering Blemishes on a Resume

Have you ever wondered how to get your resume past the first set of eyes? Liz Ryan, a contributor to Forbes, says:

If you start from the vantage point of an overworked, time-pressed and distracted hiring manager who also has a key position to fill, you’ll see why it’s so important to deal with any glaring employment gaps or ‘blemishes’ on your resume…What is your hiring manager going to look for while scanning resumes?…They are looking for reasons to knock people out of the hiring process, not reasons to keep more candidates in it.
She goes on to give tips on how to lessen the blow from the reasons your resume may be overlooked:
  • Take off the months you started and left each  job off of the resume if it shows gaps (just list years)
  • Reach out to a hiring manager directly
  • Frame short-term jobs so that you can show you completed a task
Read the full article by clicking here What are your thoughts? How do you lessen the blow of blemishes? Visit my site for more resources to help you with your resume and job search. And always feel free to reach out to me personally with any of your staffing and/or job search questions! todd