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Expect Small Tips with Gospel Tracts

Here’s the quote of the day, from Thom Rainer, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s LifeWay Christian Resources, recounting the words of a Houston restaurant server as the SBC has its annual convention in Houston this week:

“I told my fellow employees at the restaurant to get ready for small tips, lots of gospel tracts to go with the cheap tips, and plenty of people ordering desserts.”

I would hope that’s not the case.

I have been to conferences where before the lunch break, attendees have been asked to ‘tip generously’ so that the reputation of the host church is positive.

That really shouldn’t have to be said.

You would think that waitresses would be the most churched profession in the country.

They’ve at least helped make Jack Chick a millionaire.

So… are you a cheap tipper?

My friend, Ed Stetzer is not.  He leaves a nice tip, and a full copy of his book “Planting Missional Churches” for every waitress.

So… to all my friends in Houston this week… tip well.  And tip often.




4 Responses to “ “Expect Small Tips with Gospel Tracts”

  1. Dave says:

    My daughter, who is a waitress, tells me that this is true. Christians are tight when it comes to tips! She also said, 15% is considered the minimum!

  2. Chuck says:

    15% minimum, even for bad service because the gospel’s name is still at stake. 20% for average service. 25-30% for exceptional service.

  3. steve miller says:

    10% is minimum or for sub par service and 15% is for base line acceptable. Higher than that is for exceptional service. After waiting tables for years I came to the conclusion tipping had more to do with the tipper than the actual service. Christians do have a reputation for being cheap. I try to tip well regardless of the service, I tip based off of grace rather than performance.

  4. janiskw says:

    We tip generously. It’s an investment in the life of a non believer. And I have to say that because of this we’ve developed some interesting relationships with our local coffee shop owner and his employees. We purposely go and hang out when it’s the most crowded. And we make sure to go out of our way to have conversations and develop relationship. Don’t leave a tract people. In fact, just don’t go if you can’t leave a good tip. Stay home.

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