Essential Hires for Multi-Site Churches

The folks at explain that multi-site campuses are no longer just for large church who have outgrown their building. They are now strategically placed to reach communities. But what positions are needed to make it work?

Fundraising aside, launching a new campus is much like launching a brand new church plant. A core group of solid people is essential. Multi-site churches typically have the advantage of having a wealth of volunteers (usually from the main campus) to help with setting up, tearing down, and tying up the logistical and technical loose ends. However, it’s essential to have a full-time team of paid staff dedicated to the new campus. So what paid roles are essential for a new multi-site church?

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The article goes on to explain:

  • Every campus needs their own campus pastor to be the face of the church and a leader people can go to
  • A worship leader is essential to have an atmosphere of authentic, humble worship
  • A children’s pastor will often times determine if families will attend a church

We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of churches that are hiring campus pastors in the past few years. Are you suited to be a great campus pastor? Check out some additional resources and opportunities at my site, and feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

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