Electronic Giving: Will cell phones replace the offering plate?

Electronic giving is really taking off for churches all over the country.  Many churches are using online giving to supplement the offering plate.  Some churches are using giving kiosks in their lobbies.

The truth is… many people just don’t use checks any more.

And another truth:  people (especially the next generation) are pretty much joined at the hip with their mobile cell phones.

So… could cell phones eventually replace the offering plate?

At some point in the future, rather than having the ushers coming forward to receive the offering, will you just tell people to pull out their cell phones to take the offering.

Giving via cell phone has never been easier.  But will it catch on?

Matt Steen and I discuss in today’s Ministry Briefing:

electronic giving

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  • Matt January 18, 2013 Reply

    i still see the offering as part of the worship celebration – something we concretely do before God together – i just don’t think it’s the same doing in on your phone or swiping your card at a machine in the church lobby

  • Rev. K. A. Christian January 20, 2013 Reply

    with the changing of times we have to adjust to this age… everywhere we go it’s being made easier to give without using the physical money but the electronic giving…

    I myself don’t have a problem with it… I also believe it would help those who have a hard time holding onto their funds until Sunday morning…

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  • Chet Thomas April 10, 2013 Reply

    Will the cell phone replace the collection plate? Probably, at least to a large degree. The real question is: will this have the same spiritual impact to upcoming generations as passing the plate did to previous generations?

  • Peter D. April 10, 2013 Reply

    (Humor) I am not putting my cell phone in the offering plate.

  • davelovell May 13, 2014 Reply

    Over time, people went from bringing livestock and/or a portion of their harvest as first fruits, to using coin of the realm, then to cash, then checks… Now we can tithe or donate digitally. Payments are going paperless.
    Why is the churhc making it harder for pople to give by holding to older methods of paymetn that people simply don’t use anymore.
    Meanwhile Christian tithing rates are down and other giving outlets that accept electronic payments are on the rise – the people are giving, just not in church.
    It’s an issue for Church Leadership: Combine encouragement for faithful giving with acceptance of all payment types.

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