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Driscoll’s Real Marriage

Mark Driscoll’s new book hits the shelves today.  It’s called “Real Marriage” and if you like Driscoll, you’ll like this book.  I got a preview copy a few weeks ago, and did enjoy reading it.

I won’t do a long book review (I rarely do here), but here are a couple that you may find interesting:

Tim Challies (really didn’t care for the book that much)

Denny Burk also provides commentary here.

The most interesting (and controversial) part of the book is the chapter on specific sexual practices.  Here’s how Mark introduces the chapter:

If you are older, from a highly conservative religious background, live far away from a major city, do not spend much time on the internet, or do not have cable television, the odds are that you will want to read this chapter while sitting down, with the medics ready on speed dial… If you are one of those people who do not know that the world has changed sexually, read this chapter not to argue or fight, but rather to learn about how to be a good missionary in this sexualized culture, able to answer people’s questions without blushing…

Driscoll then talks about specific sexual acts and behavior and answers the question as to whether or not that act is permissible in marriage.  (I haven’t read anything so blatantly detailed since Tim and Beverly LaHaye’s “The Act of Marriage” book).

Whether you end up liking the book or not, you’ll find that Mark and Grace are very vulnerable throughout.  They share personal details about their marriage and life that you don’t get in most books.

For that reason, while some people won’t agree with everything in the book, they’ll at least be able to relate.

You can order a copy of “Real Marriage” from right here…

2 Responses to “ “Driscoll’s Real Marriage”

  1. josh miller says:

    I got an advanced copy and loved it. My wife doesn’t normally enjoy marriage books. She read Real Marriage in 2 days and loved it as well. We will be recommending this book to others.

  2. Fred says:

    Well, I don’t like Driscoll at all, so I will pass.


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