Driscoll Speaks out on his Elephant Room Experience

Mark Driscoll has written a post over at PastorMark.tv telling of his personal experience at the Elephant Room this year.  Here are the 10 things he learned.  (You’ll need to go here to read more details):

1. I appreciate godly friends who don’t want to defeat me publicly but rather help me privately.

2. I don’t want to just make a point—I want to make a difference by God’s grace.

3. My theology is a home and not a prison.

4. I have a lot to learn.

5. I want to be helpful.

6. Fear of man is deadly.

7. Winning people is better than winning arguments.

8. I love people I don’t agree with.

9. The Holy Spirit is not done with me.

10. I love my family and church family.

Sounds like this was a good experience for him.

What did YOU take away from the Elephant Room this year?  (Only respond if you actually WATCHED it, not if you’ve just read about it).  :)

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