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Driscoll Speaks out on his Elephant Room Experience

Mark Driscoll has written a post over at telling of his personal experience at the Elephant Room this year.  Here are the 10 things he learned.  (You’ll need to go here to read more details):

1. I appreciate godly friends who don’t want to defeat me publicly but rather help me privately.

2. I don’t want to just make a point—I want to make a difference by God’s grace.

3. My theology is a home and not a prison.

4. I have a lot to learn.

5. I want to be helpful.

6. Fear of man is deadly.

7. Winning people is better than winning arguments.

8. I love people I don’t agree with.

9. The Holy Spirit is not done with me.

10. I love my family and church family.

Sounds like this was a good experience for him.

What did YOU take away from the Elephant Room this year?  (Only respond if you actually WATCHED it, not if you’ve just read about it).  :)

One Response to “ “Driscoll Speaks out on his Elephant Room Experience”

  1. I’m not going to answer your question because I haven’t seen the second Elephant Room…yet.

    I will speak to Driscoll’s full post:

    This is the most humble and graceful thing I have read of his. As a minister, I enjoy his often frank, preaching style. As a non-Calvinist, I get frustrated with his theology…but still love the simplicity he presents it. From the first Elephant Room, I walked away with a renewed vigor of the importance of breaking down denominational walls.

    Sorry I dodged your question Todd, hope you can forgive :-D

    all about Christ,

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