Do you suck at difficult conversations?

Uh-oh… read these words of Dan Rockwell:

Lousy leaders build mediocre organizations because they dance around issues. But, remarkable is the result of difficult conversations done skillfully.

And then he hits us with this:

Mediocrity arrives when difficult conversations are avoided.

Come on man… it’s Monday! 🙂

Dan continues:

The false face lousy leaders wear invites others to be false too. Lousy leaders reject personal transparency in favor of pretending. But, everyone knows that no one has it all together.

Tough conversations are best received when given by imperfect leaders. Lousy leaders cling to superiority by putting on false faces. But, transparency opens the door to tough conversations.

Would you rather have a tough conversation with a superior or someone who understands journey, pursuit, and struggle? Lousy leaders talk down because they’re pretending to be superior.

Leadership transparency – acknowledging pursuit and struggle – builds foundations for difficult conversations. Transparent leaders say, “I’m in the battle too.” Skillful leaders build strong connections that enable and withstand difficult conversations.

Transparency builds strong connection
between honest people.

Read more from Dan here…

So… how are you at difficult conversations?

Is there one you’ve been putting off that you should just go ahead and schedule right now?



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