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Do me a favor?

Todd Rhoades and Matt Steen discuss this piece by Chris Huff:

Here are some corollary thoughts about doing favors in the workplace:

It is never a favor when my boss, supervisor, or anyone else “above me” asks me to do something. It’s my job. No matter what it is…no matter how small or seemingly unrelated to my day-to-day responsibilities.

Therefore, watch yourself and be careful not to begin an emotional “bank account” with people above you in the organization. They are never indebted to us. We are always clean — fair and square- after every paycheck.


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3 Responses to “ “Do me a favor?”

  1. Fred says:

    Why didn’t my post work?

  2. Fred says:

    Oh, Ok, must have been a glitch.

  3. Fred says:

    I was saying that I believe pastors think it’s OK for them to ask their employees to do anything. That’s not how it works in the “real” world. A person shouldn’t be asked to do anything that isn’t in their job description. They were hired to do a specific job, not to be a servant at the whim of their boss. That includes making coffee, mowing the lawn, moving furniture, doing maintenance / construction work at the pastors home, etc. etc. etc. It also doesn’t include working more than normal hours, especially if the person has to do their work late on Saturday night because they had to wait on the pastor to do their job. People are asked to do the impossible because they are “working for God” while the pastor is at the ball game, movie, restaurant, on another vacation…

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