Do Hymnals have a future?

John D. Witvliet thinks so:

  1. Hymnals are especially well suited to good group singing of many kinds of songs (though not all).
  2. Hymnals are portable.
  3. Hymnals are splendid for home piano or keyboard devotional playing.
  4. Hymnals are an efficient one-stop worship planning resource.
  5. Hymnals make it relatively easy to stumble on and fall in love with good music you never thought you would like.
  6. Well-designed hymnals offer a vision of a balanced thematic diet.
  7. Hymnals help connect songs with elements of worship.
  8. Hymnals give people access to a “cultural memory bank” that many desperately want.
  9. Hymnals can be appealing to seekers.
  10. A hymnal can be a surprisingly effective catechism for both brand-new and lifelong Christians.

I can’t remember the last time I used a hymnal.

And I can’t say that I miss them.

I don’t think my teenagers know what a hymnal is.

So it’s hard for me to think that hymnals have any kind of a future.

Do you think Mr. Witvliet is all wet?  Or am I?


HT:  Justin Taylor


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