Depressed in your job? It could be worse. Much worse.

I found this over at Stuff Fundies Like.

Check out this job description.  It HAS to be worse than your situation:

The church needs a man to come and back up the pastor in both the activities of the church as well as the keeping of the grounds. This is a nonpaying position but housing is available. This assistant should be a King James only, independent Baptist who is the husband of one wife with some Bible college education. A degree in Christian Ministries or Theology is preferred. If you feel that God would have you be the #2 man for our church, please send your resume to…

What do you think?

Would you apply?

Maybe you could hire a second-hand man for free… give him a room in your house, and have him do your yard work too.  Just be careful to vet what Bible version he uses.


See… I told you it could be worse!



  • Chris Shaffer May 22, 2013 Reply

    Probably not; however, if the Spirit was insistent, I would certainly have to rethink my answer. Seems like they are asking for a lot without much given in return.

  • Andy Menth May 22, 2013 Reply

    Where was this posted? Feel like I need to apply!

  • Robert Barnes May 22, 2013 Reply

    That’s not so bad, its essentially tent making. That could be a fine situation for the right person with an internship-OJT-mindset.

  • Pastor Jimmy May 23, 2013 Reply

    Listen to Mr. Vanderbilt…What’s the matter with you Todd?…I would’nt give him a room in my house…I would put him in a Sunday school room.

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