• David February 14, 2011 Reply

    He said, “Fire. Breathing. Dragons.” WOW!!!

  • Gregg Lamm February 14, 2011 Reply

    I’m sure you noticed what I noticed … few to no comments about “character”. But seriously, I can’t help but be curious about the kind of woman who was attracted to the guy in the Viking outfit. Because we all know that that there WAS at least one person who was attracted to him. Amazing. He reminded me of a guy who lived in my dorm when I was a college freshman in 1976 (www.georgefox.edu). He got married. And the beat goes on.

    But seriously, what is the church challenging people to look for in a spouse? I’ve always hated the “God has one person out there for you” thinking that thankfully seems to be dying a slow death. But what I tell folks in our flock is, “journey as consistently closely to Jesus as you can, and after you feel like you’re in step with Him and finding that your rhythm is staying in sync with Him, look around and see who is around you, and doing the same thing … and then let that group o people become your dating pool.”

    Now that I type this out it sounds kind of a combination between “schlocky” and “control-group semi-Barnaesque” … but it seems like it’s worked with lots of people I’ve traveled with through nearly 30 years of pastoral ministry.

    Josh Harris’s philosophy might work for sheltered, home-schoolers (long-term?), but I’ve trolled his books and gotten a couple good ideas to pass on about boundaries … but not really much about “philosophy” or “methodology”. It just doesn’t seem to be much of a “real world” approach. But I also don’t think Christ-followers need to “lower the bar” and let the world set the standard for how to do dating. Maybe somebody in our tribe needs to write a book about the differences between a “missional model and an attractional model of dating.” Footnote me if you do this.

    Thanks for giving me something to do on a Monday morning while recovering from surgery. Godspeed.


    Gregg Lamm | Newberg, OR
    http://www.2ndstreet.org | gregg.lamm@gmail.com

  • Jan February 14, 2011 Reply

    Would I have dated ANY of them? Uh, no.

    Did any of them ask me out? I think so.

    I wonder if any of them found someone?

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