Culture Watch: Teen birth rates, Homosexuality, and Views on the Bible

As a church leader, it’s vitally important to keep up on what’s happening in our ever-changing culture.  Each month in Ministry Briefing, we highlight the cultural news items that you really need to know as a church leader.  Here is just a sampling from this month’s Briefing in the area of culture.  You can download and read the whole issue here.

Teen Birth Rates Decline Dramatically

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported that between 2007 and 2011, teen birth rates dropped dramatically in America, with Hispanic girls falling an impressive 34%. Nearly every state in America has seen decline with all but two states dropping by at least 15%. Seven states saw their overall rates drop 30%.
Source: The Christian Post

Majority of Americans Accept Homosexuality

In a continuing shift toward acceptance of homosexuality in America, 59% of U.S. adults say that gay and lesbian relationships are morally acceptable, a major reversal after only 42% believed such relationships were morally acceptable in 2004. Part of this shift in thinking may be due to 47% of respondents saying that people are born as gay or lesbian, while only 33% attribute it to environmental factors.
Source: Baptist Press

Majority of Americans Are Actually Pro Life

The latest Gallup poll has found that Americans think the majority of the nation is pro-choice: “51% of U.S. adults say the public is mostly ‘pro-choice,’ while 35% say ‘pro-life.” However, this perception does not match reality. The same poll discovered that 48% of Americans are pro-life, while 45% are pro-choice.
Source: Christian Post

Transgender Lawsuit Hits California Baptist University

When nursing student Domaine Javier, a male who identifies as a female, registered for classes at California Baptist University, the transgender student registered as a female. The school later learned that Javier is biologically male, and expelled Javier. Javier has filed a lawsuit against the university, and the university counters that it is a private, religious institution that is not bound by the state’s laws governing gender identity discrimination.
Source: Baptist Press

Negative View of the Bible Increases

Although the History Channel miniseries “The Bible” drew 13.1 million viewers for the first episode in March, a recent survey from the Barna Group and American Bible Society shows that 17% Americans have an increasingly negative view of the Bible that views it as a series of stories that are not worth reading. In fact, this number is a significant increase from two years ago when it was 10%. Clint Jenkin, vice president of research for the Barna Group, suggests that the Bible has also become attached to unpopular, hot button topics.
Source: Press Telegram

You can download and read the whole issue here.

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