Crystal Cathedral, Westboro, Millenials and Harold Camping

Here are five current events items that you should know about from the last 30 days.

Each month, we compile a list of about 200 stories that you should digest and know about as a church leader.  We call it Ministry Briefing.  Here are five stories from this month’s issue.  Get the full issue here.

Moving Sale at the Crystal Cathedral

In preparation for its relocation from the Crystal Cathedral, Crystal Cathedral Ministries (CCM) hosted a moving sale where it sold office equipment, books, and other collectibles from the large California ministry that was founded by Robert Schuller. The Crystal Cathedral was sold to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County for $57.5 million last year after filing for bankruptcy in 2010 after incurring debts from its 2009 “Glory of Christmas” production. CCM will relocate to St. Callistus Catholic Church.
Source: The Christian Post

Missouri Funeral Law Against Westboro Baptist Upheld

A Missouri law banning protests within 300 feet of funerals has been upheld by a federal appeals court, but a broader provision was struck down. The upheld law providing a 300-foot buffer zone between protests and funerals was enacted in 2006 when protesters picketed at funerals for soldiers. The law does not apply to funeral processions.
Source: Washington Times

Blogger Sued for Defamation by Canadian Bishop

Blogger David Jenkins’ of Anglican Samizdat is being sued by Canadian Bishop Michael Bird of the Anglican Diocese of Niagara, Ontario. Bird charges Jenkins of defamation and contempt in 31 posts that characterize Bird as a thief, atheist, and someone with a sexual fetish. Jenkins’ defends his posts, claiming they were satire, fair comment on a public figure, and free speech. Bird is suing for $400,000 in damages.
Source: Religion Clause

Millenials Reshape Housing Market

As Millennials begin to buy homes in greater numbers, their preferences for suburban homes (nearly 70%) and overwhelming desire for homes that adapt to technology will largely shape the future of the housing market. In fact, many Millennials are willing to give up curb appeal if their homes are better suited for home theater set ups, and 64% were not willing to live in a home that is not technology friendly.
Source: New Geography

Is the End Near for Camping’s Family Radio Network?

As if times weren’t already hard for nonprofits in general, Harold Camping’s Family Radio network has the added liability of his failed end of the world prediction in 2011. Reports have surfaced that Family Radio has sold three of its largest radio stations and has laid off staff members. It’s net assets dropped $29.2 million in 2011 alone.
Source: Christianity Today

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