Conversation: Are there 6 types of atheists?

Recently, Matt Steen and I had a very interesting conversation with two researchers who investigated the different types of atheism. The conversation was part of a new series of Ministry Briefing videos that we have been working on, each a fifteen minute conversation with someone who has something worth sharing with the church leader community.

This week we share the conversation that Matt and I had with Thomas Coleman and Christopher Silver, researchers from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Our conversation focused on their work defining the six different types of atheists, which I have found to be an incredibly helpful tool in better understanding the “religious nones.” The conversation discusses the types of atheists that they discovered, the most surprising part of the study, and wraps up with a few thoughts about what all this means for evangelical church leaders.

I greatly enjoyed this conversation, and think it could be incredibly beneficial for helping to better understand the world around us… Click here to watch the video…

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