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Communicating Well During Your Church’s Job Search

It's been a long couple of years for the people of Long Hollow Baptist Church.  In May, 2013, their pastor, David Landrith, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  He died in November of last year at the age of 51.

Choosing a new senior pastor is never easy, especially when your church is grieving. But Long Hollow is doing things right. In fact, they are doing something very well that many churches don't during a staff search: communication.

Here's what I think Long Hollow did right in their communication:


1. They've set up a pretty comprehensive page specifically for their pastor search.

You can see it here.​ Everything is organized and updated regularly on this page (the latest update was earlier this month).

2.  They've set up a timeline that lists out all of the steps they are taking.  

Granted, steps in each church look a little different... but the important thing is that they are communicated the steps they are taking.  There is little doubt from anyone in the congregation where the search progress is at.

3.  They've not ignored the past.

Pastor David is remembered, and honored well.  Not every church wants to do a remembrance page for their senior pastor... sometimes many are glad he/she is gone.  But there is always something to celebrate from the past.  And it's always better to acknowledge the past is some way than to ignore it.

See how one church communicates during a job search (and learn from this great example!)

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4.  They hired an intentional interim pastor.

This is just smart, especially after a well-loved pastor who is no longer there.  The interim pastor brings stability and hope; and sets the new senior pastor up well by giving some much-needed buffer between the past and the future.

Hats off, Long Hollow... you're off to a great start.

Let's all take a moment to pray for the Long Hollow staff and congregation today during their search.

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What can your church learn from the example of Long Hollow?  What do you like (or dislike) about Long Hollow's approach?  (Scroll down to leave your comments!)


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