Claim: 1500 pastors/month leave their job because of burnout

That’s the claim that made in an article in the Charlotte Observer… Biggest stresses:  long hours, too little time with family, delayed or interrupted vacations, nonstop counseling of people in crisis, and pressure to have the perfect family. There is no doubt that being a pastor is a tough job. No doubt at all. But is it really worst or most stressful job that a person could have? I’m not sure. But it does take it’s toll. Take Rev. Steve Shoemaker.  He’s the pastor at Charlotte’s Myers Park Baptist Church. He checked himself into rehab last week. Shoemaker had a tough year last year.  He fought depression and anxiety.  He got divorced.  And got hooked on alcohol. “I’m physically, psychologically and spiritually depleted,” he told the congregation. He is expected to return to work later this year. Shoemaker is being given opportunities most pastors in his condition would never be given.  A chance to keep his job after personal failure and divorce. I have mixed feelings about that. But I do wonder… how many pastors are truly burned out and hiding it. Are YOU Steve Shoemaker six months ago? Maybe your marriage hasn’t fallen apart (yet), or you’re not that depressed (yet), or you think you can control that urge to drink (now)… but truth be told:  your dry and empty. Here’s my challenge to you today:  get help before things all fall apart. Fix the little cracks before the foundations crumble. Need some help?  Contact me confidentially at todd rhoades at gmail.com and I’ll see if we can’t hook you up with someone that can help you through whatever you’re going through. QUESTION:  Have you ever been so burned out that it scared you? Read more here…

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