Is Your Church's Vision Too Small?

Why do people love to give time, money, energy, and love to parachurch organizations when they don’t give time, energy and love to their home church?  Craig Groeschel suggests that it could be because the parachurch organization has a bigger vision than your church!

Craig says:

Almost daily, I hear great church members excited about their ‘outside the church ministry’. Instead of whining about why they don’t give, serve, or care about the ministry of the local church, I’ve made two commitments:

  1. I’m going to cast such a compelling vision for the power of the local church that the vision would draw their hearts back to the local church.
  2. I’m going to celebrate and embrace whatever they are doing to make a difference.

You can read more here…

QUESTION:  Do you have people in your church that are more pumped about their favorite parachurch organization than about your church?  What can you do to change that?  And… do you need to?


  • CS November 16, 2009 Reply

    “QUESTION: Do you have people in your church that are more pumped about their favorite parachurch organization than about your church? What can you do to change that? And… do you need to?”

    At my last church, I got more excited about several parachurch ministries because (1) I saw the direct effects of what they were doing, (2) I was an active volunteer within those organizations, and (3) I knew that they were being better stewards with my money and resources than what my own church was doing. From my perspective, it had nothing to do with, “vision,” but instead doing the right things for the right reasons.


  • Pastor Chris November 16, 2009 Reply

    Sometimes the local church has too small a vision. But even at its best it has a very particular vision: serving the spiritual needs of a group of people and being welcoming to those who come to be served.

    Sometimes our hearts are captured for a different, specific vision of ministry; with the very poor, the kid who can’t learn what’s being taught, the homeless family, our own especially needful parents or children. I think that the local church supports all of those ministries in general, particularly by supporting people who have been given a heart for very specific ministries or responsibilities. When I look around at folks whose hearts have been captured by another kind of ministry or responsibility, I am not only glad, I think it means that the local church has done its job of opening hearts.

  • Brian Hutchinson November 16, 2009 Reply

    I saw a TV personality telling me on the TV that I was to give to her ministry what belongs to my local church. I switched channels & watched football.

  • Mission Lawrence November 16, 2009 Reply

    I’m glad I saw this article. It raises a good point. I’m planting a church myself, and from the start we are creating a community wide “Mission” that serves someone/something besides ourselves.

    I think he’s got a point here.

  • Peter Hamm November 16, 2009 Reply

    There are at least three parachurch ministries I know of led by people that go to our church, two missions groups that are doing AMAZING work in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, and a group that operates a transitional homeless shelter in our town. That’s some strong stuff, and we celebrate it!

    That said, it’s important to cast a compelling vision for what your church can do and for you to do it responsibly.

  • Ronnie November 16, 2009 Reply

    I believe God could be the One who calls these parachurches into existence to “wake up” the local churches! I do praise God for some of these who are really doing wonderful Kingdom works but I am also disappointed with some who “convert” Christians to their own organisations!

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