Church on Trial

The church’s call to exclusion is ‘killing its soul’.  Those are the words of Dr. Joretta Marshall of Brite Divinity School talking about the upcoming trial of lesbian pastor Rev. Amy DeLong in the United Methodist Church.

Watch this:

The soul of the church is what’s at stake, according to Marshall.

The soul of the church deserves to be set free.




  • Jamie Gallien February 16, 2011 Reply

    The soul of the church is the Holy Spirit of Christ. This simple fact shows the absurdity of Dr. Marshall’s concept in my opinion.

  • Jim February 22, 2011 Reply

    “A church that sees past our sexual orientation…..” Does this mean we over look practicing biblical sin? Can I live and do what ever my orientation is as long as I am for justice and love people? Lord, help us.

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