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Church: Tech Wasteland

Many adults and teens would like to receive guidance from their churches on media and technology, a Barna Group study revealed. The problem is, most of them aren’t getting any.

The study shows that most parents and tweens/teens (children ages 11 to 17) expect churches to address technology, but “most families are not getting any coaching or assistance when it comes to integrating technology into their family life.”

“Technology is shaping family interactions in unprecedented ways, but we seem to lack a strategic commitment to the stewardship of technology,” Barna Group President David Kinnaman says in a report explaining the results.

(Via Charisma Magazine.)

So… is the church missing the boat here.  Do parents really want to hear advice on technology from the church?  Should the church be helping people navigate the computer/tech world.  Why or why not?

6 Responses to “ “Church: Tech Wasteland”

  1. Peter says:

    I know a lot of pastors seem to be very techno-phobic, which doesn’t help.

    And telling everybody to just get off facebook is NOT the answer…

  2. Rod Gauthier says:

    Thanks for the challenge, Todd. I agree with Peter, telling people to get off Facebook or twitter or their cell phones is not the answer. It seems like we ignore technology as if it detracts from our worship and service, unless it something we can co-opt for our advancement! A biblical view of technology sounds like a great study! A summer challenge for me perhaps?? Thanks again Todd!

  3. Kevin says:

    Tim Challies just published a book on this topic – – good place to start the discussion.

  4. Jan says:

    I think this is an open door to parents who are floundering when it comes to parenting kids who have more technological skill then they do. Just social media alone is a huge opportunity to connect with parents who are looking for help in this area.

  5. steve miller says:

    Technology is a tool. It can be used well or poorly, depending on the motivation of the heart. You capture a people’s heart and they will want to use every tool at their disposal to glorify God.

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