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Is Your Church "Swifting" When it Comes to Staffing?

Spivey says that many churches also have a track record of quick breakups… with staff turnover about every 18 months. Tim says that “swifting” churches are characterized by two things usually: 1.  They hire poorly 2.  They have power issues Tim adds: If you are looking for a place to serve, be very cautious in considering a church with high record of turnover. I know of a church that had three senior pastors in the same year. They also blamed each of those three for the transition based on “wanting a new direction.” They are right … they need a new direction. They can start by taking responsibility for either poor hiring or a quick trigger finger in personnel matters — or both. Have you ever worked for a ‘swifting’ church?  Or maybe your on the leadership team of one. Stop it. It does the Kingdom no good. If you’re a church… hire well. If you’re a potential staff member, do your due diligence as well. Talk to a past staff member or two.  (Ask permission of course).  And ask about the work environment… who the current staff are… and how long they’ve been there. … because once that break up happens, you probably are ‘never ever ever getting back together’. Todd Read more from Tim here… If you’re looking for a new staff member, or a new place to serve… check out my new staffing website at  You’ll find a lot of resources to help you with your search!