Church Sucks. (according to pastor)

A Eugene Church is spreading marketing all over town saying that “Church Sucks”.

In case you’re wondering… the church actually did take one tip from me (though they didn’t ask permission!)… a 30 minute service.  That’s the first church I’ve seen that’s doing that (which I’ve thought was a winner for a church that is trying to be really targetted to people who don’t normally attend church).

Watch the story… I’d love your input…

Great way to reach people in Eugene?

Would you do a series like this in your town?  Why or why not?



  1. steve miller
        • Leonard Lee
    • equippingsaints
  2. Dan
    • DanO
  3. Chad W
  4. Darin Simms
    • Credo
      • Darin
  5. Jeremy
  6. Leonard
  7. J.S.
      • Leonard
  8. Craig Secor
  9. David Sheffield

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